Computer Training Certifcate programs provide students with the fundamental technical knowledge and skills necessary to operate a personal computer for general use. They are made up of courses in basic computer operations and cover popular computer applications, like Microsoft Office Suite. Students learn how to open, use and produce documents, presentations and spreadsheets in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Some programs also cover basic keyboarding tips, business applications, personal computer basics for the office and simple methods of personal computer maintenance.

Brief on Computer Course

Regardless of their experience and position, all employees should have some level of proficiency in personal computing skills to excel in their current job and maintain their competitiveness for career advancement. From application software to operating systems to the Internet, this online course library spans a wide range of skill sets and caters to a variety of interests. Hard-to-digest technical manuals are nowhere to be found and most application courses-such as Microsoft Excel or Word-introduce beginning, intermediate, and advanced training topics separately to help learners transition smoothly to the next level at their own pace. CFor your convenience, courses can also be delivered through a Network site license. Click on a link below to learn more about a specific course, its content, delivery method, and software requirements.

Course Media options: Diskette (CBT), Compact Disc, (CD), Video, Self-study Print with diskettes and/or applications software (some courses only). Most applications courses cover introductory, intermediate and advanced training topics separately. Courses can be delivered through: Network site licenses (intranets), Single and multiple user Compact Discs, Internet. Training diskettes and videos for previous software versions and Macintosh applications are generally available upon request. Mastery testing is built into most courses and post-tests can be developed using our computerized testing capability. Penn Foster student record keeping services or administrative software bundled by selected courseware providers are also available. Contact your Training Consultant or the Customer Service Department for listings of course topics and content ("What Students Learn"). They are able to provide you with the specific systems requirements for loading each course.