Mobile repairing is an important branch of communication and Electronics Engineering. Phones have become an important necessity in our day to day lives. If our phone stops working, a thousand things cross our minds. The immense amount of data we have coined in a small gadget is as precious as gold for millennials. Due to instances like these, Mobile Repairing courses are gaining popularity amongst masses. If you are interested in knowing about such courses, then read on our blog which is going to disclose all the possibilities of cell phone repairing

Brief on Mobile repairing

The first module will act as a bridging course for those students who do not have any prior knowledge about the field. For others, who already have prior knowledge about electrical and electronic engineering, this module will help them revise these concepts. Basics of mobile communication. Study of Digital Electronics. Assembling and disassembling of various models of mobile phones. Study of various tools and equipment used in mobile phone repairs. Study of parts inside a mobile phone. Using a multimeter. Use of DC Power Supply (Jhatka machine).

The second module will focus on hardware and teach the students how to handle and replace various electronic parts. It will help them to learn all the hardware repair procedures in a more comprehensive manner. Introduction and study of Printed Circuit Board (Motherboard). Details of various components on the PCB. Testing of various parts and components. Study of different ICs (chips) used on the motherboard. How to recognize various ICs. Soldering & desoldering of components by using a soldering iron. Soldering & desoldering of components by using a rework station. Reheating and mounting of various BGA and SMD chips. Ultrasonic cleaning procedure